Sunday, November 10, 2013

Does The Number of Backlinks Matter These Days?

First of all, you should show that we can only predict the ranking factors of Google. There is no specific way to dominate Google Ranking. Backlinking is a really good method to get good ranking at Google and people used to build mas backlinks for their sites through backlinking building software. Most of the succeeded. But after the Penguin update of Google, those sites nowhere near to first page of Google Search results. So, people started asking question Does The Number of Backlinks Matter These Days?

Google is getting more concerned about quality now. They never wants you to build backlinks for your site. They wants people to share about the contents of your site. If you a read a blog post about SEO in some blog, you are never going to share about the blog post at a Automobile blog. This is the point. As we are always looking to build backlinks, we should be more careful about it. We should try to get backlinks from niche related sites.

The number of backlink is always a factor but quality backlinks are greater factor. You may see some websites are ranking #1 for some keyword without having a single backlink and #2 or #3 may have 100+ backlinks. Nothing to wonder because for sure those backlinks are not worth to get your site’s ranking. Most of them are may be crap. Google marked them as spam.

Proper on page seo can be a big factor. If you are targeting a low competition keyword and build a site with proper on page optimization, no wonder you may get #1 or first page ranking without building any backlink. To know about successful on page optimization, you can Go here.

If you are targeting a huge niche and your competitors are someone established for years, of course the number of backlinks will matter in that case. Because they may have millions of backlinks, social signals etc which makes it almost impossible to outrank them within a very short time.

So the moral of this post is, if you are trying to get backlinks for your site try to get them from the site relevant to your niche. Search for good quality sites with age and authority. For sure Google will give more value to a backlink which is placed in a 3 years old site than a site aged less than one year. Try to get a few .edu and .gov backlinks too. One High quality backlink is equal to 1000 crappy links. Avoid using any kind of software for backlinking.

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