Monday, November 11, 2013

Does Article Marketing Add Any Value To SEO Now?

Article marketing was a very popular backlinking process in the early 2010. People used to submit their articles into article directories with a link back to their business site in article resource box or through article body. A lot of people are asking the question, Does Article Marketing have any value now? Having massive number of backlinks was the key for getting ranking and SEO personals blasted article directories with spinned, crappy, meaningless articles for getting backlinks only. Now at the end of 2013, there is ALMOST no value of article marketing.

In terms of SEO, the more a method get abused by the webmasters the more they looses their appeal and value to Google. Only article marketing could have bring you ranking sometimes, now you can never expect that. The number of backlink does not matter now

The concern now is quality. If you are looking for quality article marketing, you should look for the Best quality article directories which will never accept spmming and craps. Ezinearticles for example. It have got a PR 6 and it provides dofollow backlinks which will definitely help your ranking. Also, ezinearticles itself have got massive traffic. Which will surely bring you some additional referral traffic. 

If you use article marketing now with all the other SEO processes, it may add some value to your off page SEO. But remember about quality always. Look for high PR article directories like ezinearticles, isnare etc. If you perform a Google search with the term “Top 10 Article Directories”, you will get a lot fo good results. 

I know there are many people who will have a dispute with my opinion. Some people are totally against article marketing. Let me know your thoughts through comment.