Monday, August 22, 2011

How to do Successful Keyword Research

Everyday people search for information in online and they use a series of word or phrase to search. The phrase or words are referred as keywords.  Keywords are the key of any online business owner. If you want to be found online by your target people, you must know that they are searching for a business like your. The quickest way to get insight of that is to do keyword research. A lot of people conduct with some basic keywords but misses many keywords related to their business because they don’t really know how to make a successful keyword research campaign. Today I am writing about the qualities of a successful keyword research campaign. If you know them, you will be able to conduct a very successful keyword research.

Mark your target topic
Use one or two words to describe your topic. People usually search with one or two words. For example, lets think we are going to research over the keyword “garments business” as we are looking for the target owner of these companies.

Define synonyms of your topic
Use a thesaurus to help you brainstorm synonyms for your topic. For example, similar terms of “Garments business” can be knitware business, clothing business etc. You should also set these because it also makes a lot of targeted visitor.

Define problems of your topic area
Most of the time when people seeking any particular subjects online, they usually search for answer of their problem. They seeks answers by adding “how” before the keyword. So, you should sort out the problems of your target topics. Google’s free keyword tool can help you a lot in this case. Like in terms of our keyword, the questions can be asked like- how to set up, grow, get raw materials, get buyers, maintain employees in a “garments business”.

Record your action terms
Note those action terms which were taken to found those examples like set up, grow, raw materials, buyers, employees etc. These are those terms which people wants to get the solutions of their problems and questions. Create a list of these terms and also create a brainstorm synonyms of those terms as well.

Group and Research
Now you can return back to your keyword tool and enter your action terms into that and you will see what the people are actually searching for. Example, for the term “how to start a garments business” you will see results like: clothing store, clothing business etc. Organize these keywords into groups according to their problems and answers of those problems.

Count searches
Find the keyword which have got the largest number of search volume. This type of keywords can contain a lot of initial terms where you have to focus on. Do not bother always to get top against a high competitive keyword. The less competitive the keyword is, the more chance you have to get on the top of the search engines against that keyword. These keywords which have small amount of searches, those are called as “long tail keywords” and this is a easier way to get relevant traffic quickly rather than compete in a contest of a very competitive keyword.

If you haven’t went through a keyword research for your target market, you are missing the biggest opportunity to get your target market to find your business online. Set up a limited time everyday to conduct some keyword research, discover all these mentioned aspects of your keyword. This will drive your target market or users to your online business to find their solution.