Monday, August 22, 2011

Facebook Marketing Strategies

 Facebook is the most popular social media site in the internet. It has got billions of members and it has connected a lot countries together. Facebook can also be a very good platform to market your online business because this is a great place to get your potential customers. Many online businesses are running on the base of facebook marketing and they are very successful also. You can also intimate this strategy to get leads in your online business. Some of the effective facebook strategies are given below.
Your Profile: The first thing any people will look at in facebook, it is your profile. Your profile is a very influential part of facebook. This will make many people decide to visit you or not. Fill out your profile with your real information. Do not leave the profile picture blank as it will see worse. Put a happy face of your in profile picture. You will get the reliability of people through that.

Join groups : There are tons and tons of groups are available in facebook where you can join. Every facebook group have got a massive number of member on it. You should choose the right group which is compatible with your market and join there. You can market your product on those groups.

Fan pages: Fan pages are almost similar to groups. This is like a second personal page. In personal level, you can have a maximum of 5000 friend but in a fan page, you can have unlimited number of fans. Open a fan page of your product, try and get as many like as you can. Promote your product there. Every fan will get the update whenever you will make any update there.

Events: If you have a new product or a service or a new website that you want to launch, you can create an event in facebook. It is almost like a fanpage where you will be able to discuss, post in the wall, share photos etc. You can also invite all of your friends to join the event. This will be a good marketing for your service.

Messages: Messages are the best way to start a direct conversation with somebody. Messages can be sent to anybody in the facebook regardless he or she is in your friend’s list or not. But you have to be careful about sending messages to people who are not in your list, because facebook can mark you as spam and you will not be able to send messages to unknown people. You have to be patient. Send 2-3 messages in 1 day. This will not cause you to mark as spam.

Those are the most popular facebook marketing  strategies which are available. There are a service of facebook of paid advertising which you can also use to promote your product or website. The choice is your. Use free methods or paid method but facebook is a very very good place to market your site and product.