Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get Your Backlinks Indexed Quickly

This is not a secret that backlinks are the main weapon of search engine optimization. Backlinks makes a huge impact in search engines in order to raise your site against a certain keyword.  Most often, many of the backlinks created by a webmaster not discovered by the search engines because the web is so really big and your link may have lost inside the number of websites.
May be search engines does not even know that your links are exists. This can happen but not that it happens every time. It is an interesting point of seo to help search algorithms just what the flavor or subject of a page is about. Search engines are as like as a dumb internet visitor and he needs to be told that what is a website or webpage is all about. You can follow a number of way to get your backlinks indexed quickly by search engines.
Creating a blog: 
You have to make a list of your backlink’s links. Then make a free blog in some popular platforms. In these type of blogs, search engine spiders crawl on a regular basis. Post that list of backlinks on that blog. You must make sure that all your backlinks are dofollow and as well as the blog page on which you are posting this list of backlinks.Wordpress is the best for this type of post.

After posting all your links in that blog, go and register in a popular forum which also allow a signature in it. Popular forums get indexed by search engines very frequently. Do not spam your link there, try to contribute in that forum. Place that blog’s link in your signature. Make sure that the forum is also dofollow. I prefer warriorforum.  In this way, seach engines will follow your signature, they will reach your blog, they will follow all the links listed in your blog. Through those links, they will reach that site where your backlinks are placed. In this way, all your backlinks will be indexed by the search engines.

Ping your links: 
This is an another common way to get your backlinks indexed by search engines. Pinging the url where your site’s backlink are placed. There are hundreds of ping services are available online and you can use any of those. Just search on google, go to the ping site, enter the url of your backlink, click on “Ping”. In this way, search engines gets notified that something new have arrived in the web and they run for it to get crawled and indexed.

Those are the most effective ways to get your backlinks indexed by search engines quickly.If you want to know that how can you build effective backlinks, you can have a look at Different ways to build backlinks.