Sunday, August 21, 2011

Easy Ways to Get Approved by Google Adsense

In recent days, it is really hard to get the approval of google adsense. Thousands of people are struggling to get adsense approval. Many of them tried hundred times but yet not successful. Google is willing to give you approval but they will never approve somebody who is not worth their program. Their adsense program runs for the advertisers. They advertise their product or service through adsense in the millions of websites in the world and billions of visitors of those websites are watching or knowing those services through this adsense program. So those people, who have got a website but not have good content, good amount of visitor, they are not likely to get approval of adsense because google will not get benefit from those sites. Now I am going to tell you about some of the easiest ways to get adsense approval with a website or without a website. I hope you will get the approval using any of those.

Blogger : Blogger is a platform that is run by google. This is almost like a free website service where you can get a subdomain of your own, space to keep your data, post contents etc. You must have a gmail address to open a blogger blog in your name. Open a blog there, write there for 6 months (according to the new policy of adsense). Writing unique post is a must otherwise they will refuse you by saying "Duplicate content". When you complete posting 60 posts, and your blog become 6 months old, apply with it. You will get the approval.

Hubpages : Hubpages is a site where people posts their articles about various subjects. They share their knowledge about various subjects. You can get adsense approval using hubpages also. You create an account there. Complete your profile with pictures, bio etc. Post article there in a regular interval. When your account is 6 months old, you apply for the adsense from the account section of hubpages. You will get the approval.

Flixya :   Flixya is a site which is powered by google adsense itself. This is a platform of sharing photos, videos, blogs etc. You can open an account here, upload 10 photos, write 1 blog. Wait 7-8 days to get your account a bit old. Then apply for adsense through flixya. You will get the approval.

DocstocGo and open an account in docstoc. Upload some documents there. Like txt, doc files which have some useful information for the people. Wait 7-8 days to get your account old. Apply for adsense through them. You will get the approval.
Bloggerparty :  This is also a platform like hubpages. Here also people share their articles about their experience and expertise. When you will signup here, you will see an option to signup for google adsense through them. Follow their procedure. You are likely to get adsense approval.

IndyarocksThis is a social media platform almost like facebook. Here you will be able to make friends, update your status, upload photos etc. You can get adsense approval through this also. First of all, you have to complete your profile at 100%. Then you have to write 5 blogs at least. Those blogs should be well written. After all these, your adsense account application button will reveal. Follow the procedure and apply for adsense. You may get the approval.

Webanswers : This is a website like yahoo answer. Here people ask questions about various subjects and people who knows the answer, they post the answer there. You can get adsense approval from here also. Go and register there. Post some answers of some questions. There are thousands of subjects. There must be many questions which you will be able to answer. Post 10 answer. You will get a mail containing link of adsense application in your webanswer email. Do not apply immediately. Post at least 25 answers in a span of 1 week. Then apply through that link. You are likely to get approval.

These are the most easiest ways to get adsense approval. You can found some more ways throughout the internet. You can also try those.

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