Saturday, August 18, 2012

Avoid using Automated Link Building Sofware - Stop Spamming!!

Using automated link building software has become very popular in recent days. People are building thousands of backlinks everyday through such software to gain better search engine ranking. What people are failing to realize that they are just spamming across the web and all these backlinks will never help them. It can penalize their site.

After the recent penguin update, a lot of webmasters have got an email from google named "Unnatural links found". Most of the people who got this email, used automated link building software for SEO. Now their site is about to penalize or already been penalized.

I am writing this post for nothing special but I want all the webmasters to know that please please please, avoid using automated link building software. It will never help you to get Search Engine ranking. You may use some software like scrapebox to found places to build backlinks but never use the mass commenting option. Try to find relevant good quality sites in your niche and try to acquire backlinks from there. It will help your search engine results.

You should be aware of your content more than building backlinks now. Because you can increase your site's visitors only through writing high quality and user friendly content. I hope it will help you.