Tuesday, August 19, 2014

4 Ways Social Media is Utilized for Social Good by @kristelcuenta

Over the last few years, social media has had a huge impact in our everyday lives. It has completely changed the way we engage the world, both locally and internationally.

However, much of what is showcased focuses on the negative aspects of social media, such as people using it as a place to vent or rant or as place for cyberbullying. Despite our nature to focus on the more negative moments in social media, there are still many people using social media outlets to do great things in our world.

From the nonprofit, for-profit, and even ordinary individuals, here are four examples of how social media is being utilized for social good. 

Groups For Revolutionary Action

In 2011, social media played a very significant role during the Arab Spring revolutions in Egypt, where people came together and found support in their common desire for change. After 18 days of protest, the president of Egypt, who was disfavored for rising commodity prices and suppressing freedom and media, gave up his long-time presidency.

Social media sped up the process by helping organize the revolution’s efforts.  Facebook in particular played an important role by helping pro-democrats to organize protests. One example is a Facebook community ran by activist Whel Ghonim, who delivered protest messages through Facebook updates, images, photos, and even through Facebook notes. The community has grown to more than 1 million followers to date. 

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