Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Enable two step verification on your GMAIL account

Gmail is the most popular free email service provider among all the other free email services provider. People use email accounts to communicate, to send and receive important files. Some of those files can be very important for a person or an organization if the email address is used by an organization. 

On the other hand hacking has become an international problem throughout the internet. Everyday more than a million email addresses are getting hacked by the hackers. A lot of email addresses among them are gamil users. People are loosing their personal information, contacts, documents etc. It was a need of time to take some serious step by google to stop this mass hacking.

I have started using this 2 step verification from several moths ago. It has been a pleasure using this verification system because even if someone know your ID and password, will not be able to access in your account. In this system, whenever you will try to access in your Gmail account, after putting your ID and password Google will send you a SMS which will contain some numeric digits. You will have to enter those digits into a box. After that only, you will be able to access in your gmail account.

To enable this 2 step verification process, please login to your gmail account,

Go to Accounts ----> Security ----> 2 step verification Process ----> Click edit ----> Enter your phone number on which you want to get the verification codes

You are on. Your 2 step verification has been started and your Gmail account will be more  secure than ever. For more help, you can go to This Video. You will get all the information needed.