Sunday, December 4, 2011

High Quality Link building methods to increase traffic

Generating traffic can be a very difficult task, especially for a new blog. Here are 10 ways you can generate traffic through quality link building and submitting.

1. Link to a site with a similar topic, especially if you quote them or critique their writings. Then contact the author and let them know that you agreed, disagreed or whatever. They could possibly bring up your argument or article and discuss it with their audience.

2. Comment on other sites and leave a link to your own site. Remember that these links will only send you readership, they will not improve page rank as most blogs/sites turn on the no follow option for comments. Remember to leave a comment that provides value to the discussion before dropping your link.

3. Swap links with another site via a link roll. If you don’t have a link roll then create one first of course!

4. Create articles on article marketing sites which then in turn link to your site and do well on google search results.

5. Submit your link to so you can get indexed/crawled. Make sure that your pages contain links to each other from the main site so that the robots can reach your whole site.

6. Write on a forum, interacting with the community in a helpful manner, and then make sure to create a signature at the earliest opportunity which contains a link to your website.

7. Create youtube videos and in the description box put a prominent link to your site there.

8. Twitter and facebook your links to specific people so they can in turn respond, like or retweet your site or particular article.

9. Participate in or run blogging carnivals. These are linking beasts that will help you establish yourself in your community.

10. Write guest posts for other sites and have them include a quality link back to your site.

About the Author
Markco writes for the Traffic Builder, a site where you can learn to generate lots of quality traffic to your own site through various methods including link building.