Friday, July 29, 2011

Different ways to build backlinks - Off page SEO

Off page SEO is one of the most important SEO techniques to get your site up in the search engines against a certain keyword. You have to be well versed in promoting your website to the entire web because if your business is online based, you must rank well in search engines otherwise, you have to struggle to get visitors and business will be dull.

Generally people use search engines to get any kind of information. They just type a word or phrase and hit the search button. Most accurate and valuable information appears in the search engine page which are most optimize for that phrase or keyword. If your website is not optimized well, you will have very poor traffic and your website’s visibility in search engines will be very weak.

If you want to drive regular traffic in your site, you will have to do some off page SEO. It is the most effective SEO strategy to help and promote a site online. The basic need of off page SEO is to make backlinks. Backlinks mean, putting your website’s link hyperlinked within the keyword in other websites or normally, spreading your website’s link throughout the internet. There are several ways to build backlinks. As many backlinks you can build, the higher possibilities you have to rank well in search engines. Some very effective off page SEO strategies are given below.

Article Marketing: There are thousands of article directory available online. Those directories accept articles from their registered writers. Millions of people throughout the world visit those directories to learn and gain knowledge about different subjects. You can write some articles on a regular basis and submit them into those article directories. You can get the article directories list by searching google easily. I am going to add an article directory list very soon to make your task easy. At the end of the articles, you can add your website’s link hyperlinked in your targeted keyword. That will be a very good backlink for your site. The more articles you submit, the more backlinks you will get.

Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is a platform where people shares, tags the posts or links which they found interesting or useful. Social bookmarking sites have got huge visitors and they are always eagerly waiting for some good links. You can share your link by creating accounts in social bookmarking sites. If your content is interesting, you are likely to get a huge response from that bookmarking site alone. If it does not happens, never mind, you are getting a backlinks for sure. You can find bookmarking site’s list through searching google. Soon I am going to add a big list of bookmarking sites here.

Web Directory submission: There are thousands of web directory available online on which you can submit your site. Once you submit your site there, they will review your site. If you site is fit with the guidelines of directory, they will enter your site on their database. Every approved directory link is a backlink for your site. You will soon get a big list of web directories here, where you can submit your site and get backlinks.

Forum Posting: There are thousands of forums where millions of people discuss about different subjects and some forums have some particular subjects on which it’s member discuss with each other, share their experiences. You can join on those forums, discuss with them. Some forums will allow you to use hyperlinked keyword as signature which you can set in your forum profile. That will make your every post on that forum including that signature or if any forum does not allow signature, you can promote your site by posting your hyperlinked keyword in posts. But be sure that the post and post’s link is discussion related. I will provide a big list of dofollow foums here very soon.

Blog Comment: You can make comments on blogs which allows it’s reader to post comment. In blog comments, you will have to enter your keyword into name field and URL into website field. If your comment is approved, your name will become hyperlinked and you will get a backlink.

Web 2.0 properties: This is also a platform that is related to articles and contents. There are several web 2.0 platforms where you can create your own blog and link that blog back to your website. These web 2.0 properties are search engine friendly and search engine crawlers check them back very frequently. There are several web 2.0 sites like,, etc. You can find them from google. Soon I am going to add a list of web 2.0 sites here.

If you follow those off page seo strategy of link building, you are very likely to get higher ranking in search engines very quickly. The more amount of backlink you can create the more chance you will have to get higher ranking in search engines.It is a must that search engines index your backlinks on their database. Sometimes many of your created backlinks will not be indexed by search engines. In that cases, you can follow some tricks. For those tricks, you can have a look at Get your backlinks indexed quickly.