Monday, November 11, 2013

Does Article Marketing Add Any Value To SEO Now?

Article marketing was a very popular backlinking process in the early 2010. People used to submit their articles into article directories with a link back to their business site in article resource box or through article body. A lot of people are asking the question, Does Article Marketing have any value now? Having massive number of backlinks was the key for getting ranking and SEO personals blasted article directories with spinned, crappy, meaningless articles for getting backlinks only. Now at the end of 2013, there is ALMOST no value of article marketing.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Does The Number of Backlinks Matter These Days?

First of all, you should show that we can only predict the ranking factors of Google. There is no specific way to dominate Google Ranking. Backlinking is a really good method to get good ranking at Google and people used to build mas backlinks for their sites through backlinking building software. Most of the succeeded. But after the Penguin update of Google, those sites nowhere near to first page of Google Search results. So, people started asking question Does The Number of Backlinks Matter These Days?

Monday, November 4, 2013

How To Be Safe From Being Scammed In Freelancing Sites

Freelancing sites are getting popular everyday. Sites like Freelancer, oDesk, Elance etc have already became the primary earning sources for a lot of freelance contractors around the world. The way freelancing sites are getting popular, scamming is increasing there too. We can read a lot of complains from both clients and contractors. 2 very popular complains we can hear -

**Clients got the work and denied to process the payment.
**Paid upfront 100% and the contractor never replied.

First one from the contractors and the second one from the Clients. So, How to be safe from being scammed in freelancing sites? This is the question. 

For Clients: Choose those freelance contractors which have got good reviews. Above 4 star contractors are usually good. Read a few feedback of previous clients if available. This will give you some overview about the contractor’s behavior, discipline etc. If you want to give opportunities to new contractors, you should never pay 100% upfront. There is escrow service available at Elance and milestones at After the completion of the job you should release the payment. At oDesk, there is nothing like escrow or milestones. To be safe there, never pay 100% upfront if you see the contractor is new or have bad previous feedback.
For Contractors: Have a look at the feedback of the client before start working. If the client is new to you, never provide full work before processing the payment. At freelancer, oDesk, Elance, never work for a client who does not have payment method verified. Ask client to create milestones or escrows before start working if you are at or Elance.

Those tips might help you a bit to get rid of scammers but still there will be chances. Online is never 100% safe. The point here is no make the risk percentage lower. If you have some opinions, you are welcome to post it through comments.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Get your Forex Trading Capital for Free !!!

You must be wondering after looking at the title. Millions of people are trading in Forex market by investing their money to make some profit over it. Many of them are earning profits and many of them are loosing their money everyday. But now I can show you a way through which you will be able to earn the capital of your forex trading by doing a little work.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Get ready for More Action in Next Penguin Update

Here we go again. A lot of webmasters still struggling to recover from the recent penguin update and Matt Cutts said that there will be some major changes in the next penguin update which many webmasters may not like. I think this is getting too much. But Matt Cutt confirmed that all the steps taken by google is to make web searching neat and clean. Here is what Matt Cutts said in August 15At SES San Francisco during the "Matt Cutts keynote"

Avoid using Automated Link Building Sofware - Stop Spamming!!

Using automated link building software has become very popular in recent days. People are building thousands of backlinks everyday through such software to gain better search engine ranking. What people are failing to realize that they are just spamming across the web and all these backlinks will never help them. It can penalize their site.

After the recent penguin update, a lot of webmasters have got an email from google named "Unnatural links found". Most of the people who got this email, used automated link building software for SEO. Now their site is about to penalize or already been penalized.

I am writing this post for nothing special but I want all the webmasters to know that please please please, avoid using automated link building software. It will never help you to get Search Engine ranking. You may use some software like scrapebox to found places to build backlinks but never use the mass commenting option. Try to find relevant good quality sites in your niche and try to acquire backlinks from there. It will help your search engine results.

You should be aware of your content more than building backlinks now. Because you can increase your site's visitors only through writing high quality and user friendly content. I hope it will help you.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Easily Increase the traffic in your blog without SEO

We spend so much time to do on page, off page SEO for our site to get better search engine ranking and to get a lot of targeted traffic. But did we ever have a close look to our website or blog itself? What I am going to tell you today is a on page SEO techniques which will increase traffic to your site for sure.

You must have heard the name of Google Spider. It is a spider which visits around the web everyday and go through every websites. It check the content quality. Most of the people make this silly mistake which prevents their blog to get good ranking.

If you build a website, you must have a lot of outbound, internal links which are created to help your traffic. Due to many reason, those links become dead or broken. If a link from a website become dead or broken, it means that the link is useless for the website or blog. When the spider goes through your site, it will mark this as a serious defect of your blogs. Also, if your site is not updated regularly, the spider wouldn't be happy either.

So, what you can do about it? The solution is very simple. If you want to fix the broken or dead links of your blog, use this free tool named Free Broken Link Checker. Just enter your website's address there and click on find broken links now. You will get the list of broken links of your site with the sources, so that you will be able to identify them easily. After that, remove or repair those links. This is that easy!!

About updating the blog, please please and please, post new contents there regularly. Regularly means posting contents in regular interval. Do not just post 10-12 articles and leave it forever. It will not give you any benefit.

Aren't those tricks easy? I know a lot of you will think, I am spending so much time, effort in building backlinks, social media marketing and using other traffic building techniques; these simple two things will increase my traffic??
My answer is yes. I know it will. Because I have tested it and have seen the result. I believe, if you use those 2 tactics, you will surely see the improvement within 1 week.

Please let me know about the result through comment.